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Healing Hearts-Back to Basics Behavior Rehabilitation Program


Healing Hearts & Broken Spirits

Back to Basics Behavior Rehabilitation Program

The heart break of abandonment can be traumatic in a dog's life.  New surroundings can be scary and cause a dog to shut down emotionally or behave aggressively out of character.  With time most dogs start to trust and adjust to the shelter enviornment while they wait for their forever home.  Some, however, either shut down emotionally and hide in corners while others have very high energy that can, at times, seem aggressive.  These are candidates for our "Healing Hearts-Back to Basics" Behavior Rehabilitation Program.  If one of our residents needs to be a part of this program, they attend a variety of positive behavior stimulating classes during the week.

The residents below are a part of this program.  Please consider a Hero Adoption with one of these amazing dogs.  If you are able to open your home and your heart to one of these amazing dogs below we will offer additional training for you and your new furry family member so the positive reinforcement and kind guidance from a professional trainer from Smarty Paws will help continue the progess in his/her new home.

If adoption is not an option, you can still help by donating towards the Healing Hearts-Back To Basics Behavior Rehabilitation Program.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE



















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