Anabolic steroids are a super effective “assistant” in achieving better and more advanced athletic performance and results, the formation of relief muscle volumes, and the elimination of fat accumulations. However, it will be possible to achieve positive effects from the use of anabolic drugs in the short term and keep them in the long term only if the steroid cycle is planned and organized correctly.

Any bodybuilder who first “gets acquainted” with steroids is faced with the questions: “Which steroid cycle to choose?”, “Should it be long or” short? “,” What will provide the highest performance? ” etc. Before answering the main question of the article, it makes sense to notice and pay attention to the fact that there is no ideal and 100% universal steroid cycle suitable for everyone. Steroid cycles are planned and organized depending on many criteria, including experience and training history, gender, financial capabilities, goals and objectives, and much more.

Types of steroid cycles ( cycles ) depending on the goals and objectives:

  • ” Safe steroid cycle “
  • ” Cycle for beginners (beginners) “
  • ” The cycle for the endurance “
  • ” Cycle for the masses “
  • ” Cycle for Strength “
  • ” Cycle for drying and dry muscles “
  • ” Cycle for female drying “
  • ” Cycle for male drying “
  • ” Oxandrolone in” Solo “: a universal cycle for drying and losing weight

The question about the duration of steroid cycles also depends on the mass of individual criteria and factors, and therefore one answer for all cases is not expected. But some general patterns and principles can still be identified. It can be clearly noted that the cycle should not be unjustifiably long, and also that after its completion, post-cycle therapy must necessarily be carried out . This is critically important for the normalization of biochemical processes associated with the functioning of the athlete’s hormonal system. After any steroid cycle, the body needs to be given a rest of a month or more.

For men and women, the specifics, rules and principles of steroid cycles will always be radically different. This is due to significant differences in the hormonal background of the male and female bodies, since they are very different. In practice, it may seem that men and women in bodybuilding are aimed at the same goals, but if you look more fundamentally, it will become obvious that their goals are not exactly the same. To summarize, men often want to gain as much lean muscle mass as possible, and women want to lose weight and make their figure more toned, more prominent and, as a result, attractive.

“Micro-cycles” as a trend of modern bodybuilding

Currently, a trend is gaining high popularity, the essence of which is that bodybuilders “amateurs” conduct very “short” cycles, or as they are also called “micro” cycles. This refers to steroid cycles up to 4 weeks. The point is to improve your athletic progression and cause minimal damage to the body, if not completely avoid it.

Of cycle, in the competitive bodybuilding community, this approach will not allow you to compete “on equal terms” with other pros, but for amateurs or beginners with no previous steroid use, this approach is an excellent compromise between health risk and good athletic performance.

During any steroid cycle, it is important:

  • think over a diet and training program so that they meet your goals and objectives
  • full rest regime
  • taking specialized sports supplements (sports nutrition)

The obvious advantages of “micro” cycles:

  • good progress in athletic performance
  • minimal risk of adverse reactions and complications, as well as harm to health
  • easier and faster recovery
  • minimal or completely absent post-cycle “rollback”

About long cycles

Long-term (long) steroid cycles, of cycle, are also different. And this concept can be interpreted in different ways. Professional bodybuilders of a competitive level are often on year-round steroid cycles, and highly experienced “amateurs” can also “tighten” the cycle, up to 12 weeks (3 months). It all depends on the pharmacology that is used, on the processes occurring inside the body, experience, fitness, financial capabilities and practical and theoretical knowledge of the athlete and other factors of individual orientation.

What is meant by individual factors?

The current state of the hormonal system, chronic diseases, the athlete’s body weight, his goals and objectives, and much more. Longer cycles have traditionally been considered to be more efficient and result in better performance. These cycles are indeed suitable for competitive professionals, but not the most suitable solution for amateurs or beginners.

The cycle time can be influenced by:

  • the quality of the steroids used
  • how strongly the steroids used suppress testosterone secretion and the HH arc
  • objectives and goals of the cycle

One way or another, any steroid cycles are united by one need, namely, the need after their completion to carry out adequate recovery measures or “post-cycle therapy”, if we speak in more generally accepted categories. PCT is required to normalize the secretion of endogenous testosterone, as well as to put the body in order.

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